Friday, February 19, 2010


Two days ago on BurdaStyle the member minnietheminks posted a pair of bloomers that she made following a free pattern from Colette Patterns. The bloomers she made are absolutely adorable so I downloaded the pattern right away and got to thinking about what fabric to use on a pair for myself. I'm guilty of having a good sized fabric stash, but still felt the itch to check out the fabric store on my walk home from work yesterday. After looking around for a bit I decided to check the remnants and came across this beautiful yard of silk for $6. I also bought 2 yards of cream ribbon.
When I got home I printed out and pieced together the pattern, and got to work on the sewing. The pattern was easy to follow and the project was completed in one enjoyable evening. This is one seriously fun pair of bloomers.

My grandma keeps asking how I am planning to wear the bloomers and I tell her either as PJs or under dresses. Then she tells me they are the kind of bloomers you can lift your skirt to show off. I guess my grandma was scandalous in her youth!

I had a good amount of silk leftover so I thought I could make a romantic little top to go with the bloomers. I started on this idea using the Contour Bust Pattern on BurdaStyle. My plan was to use the contour pattern for the front then add my own shoulder straps and ribbon tie at the back made from the silk. However, I'm now trying to decide if I should use what I have so far as the bust for a dress. I have some gray fabric that I could use to make the skirt. I'm no good at making decisions...

PS: My bloomers were included in the "Bloomers Parade!" post on the Colette Patterns blog! Very exciting! Colette patterns are so pretty.

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