Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A ruffley dress

Here it is! My dress made from navy blue striped polyester purchased at the White Elephant Sale in Oakland. For the bust I followed the pattern from the Contour Bust Dress tutorial on Burda Style ( The pattern is easy to use and results in a great shaped bust. I started making two ruffled straps for the dress, but played around with them a bit and found I liked one ruffled halter strap. I originally sewed a gathered skirt, but didn't like it so I took it apart and made the skirt with some nice exposed pleats at the top. I had a hard time photographing this detail, but you may be able to see it in the close up shot.

This dress was fun to make although I'm not sure when I will end up wearing it. Maybe the Fourth of July?

1 comment:

  1. Nice job, I am going to do my Contour Bust Dress in two weeks because the bust is really lovely so I need to do my own :) So GREAT JOB and I really love a fabric you used.