Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1

Yesterday I went to San Francisco for the Renegade Craft Fair. This was my third Renegade, I had a good time with my friends and it was interesting to see what people are making these days, but I left wishing for more variety. A few booths stood out as truly creative, but I felt like I saw a lot of the same styles over and over. Oh well, it was fun and I sure do love independent crafters (and secretly wish that I could craft for a living)!

Today consisted of lounging, sewing, and tea! My friend stopped by with pastries, so my grandma and I had an extra delicious tea time.

The sewing project of the day was Burda Style Magazine's Slouchy Blouse. This pattern was brought to my attention when BurdaStyle member hannnc made her own very pretty version. I printed the pattern and pieced it together yesterday, and got to work on the cutting and sewing today.
I love this fabric (remember this dress?), but it's a huge pain to work with as it enjoys fraying. I used french seams to keep the fraying from being a problem. The buttons down the front are mismatched since I was working with materials I already had in my stash.
When my friend was over I was joking about how I was making a fancy chef shirt since they are usually double breasted, but I'm actually happy with the result. It looks great tucked into jeans and is very comfortable due to it's slouchy nature. Very chef chic.

By the way, last weekend was spent working on my dress for the BurdaStyle Book. It took two days of sewing and a big mess in my grandma's dining room, but it's all done! I already received confirmation that it arrived in New York which makes me so excited! I can't wait to see how they use it in a photo shoot!
I wish I could share photos with you, but we all just have to be patient and wait for the book to come out... one year... counting down.


  1. Supernice blouse/shirt! I've just recently descovered your lovely little blog. Thanks for super inspiration (for a very newly-born sewer...) Welcome to visit mine!;-) I dont right in English though, but think the pictures speak for themselves;-) Its all about sewing and upcycled materials...:-)


  2. That's an awesome shirt! I just found you in the blogosphere and have contemplated buying a sewing machine soon, so it is good to see some creative inspiration.
    I went to Renegade too and was really nervous to meet the Red Velvet Art girls too. Luckily, they were super nice. Hope you got some great little treasures.

  3. That shirt looks fab! I love burdastyle and there are always great ideas hovering around there. I like the design but I think double breasted on my busty frame would be too overbearing. You, on the other hand, look lovely and comfy!

  4. 1 - sweet shirt! (I also adore your posing in this one)

    2- I know I already commented on it, but I'm really excited for your burdastyle project! I'm so impressed and can't wait to see it!!


    3- thanks for your comment on scooby'slunchbox!