Saturday, September 25, 2010

September 25

After a rather cold summer, we are having some warm weather in the bay area which didn't inspire me to move around much today. I finished a dress that I had been working on recently and then I finally watched a few episodes from season 1 of Mad Men since everyone has been on about the fashion in that show for ages.
My grandma and I played a few rounds of Scrabble in the garden at tea time and then just stayed outside until dinner. It was a lovely afternoon, but I didn't get a chance to photograph my new dress until the sun was already dipping into the horizon across the bay.
I did manage to take a few shots on the balcony as a preview, but I'll take more photos tomorrow. I used the Danielle pattern from BurdaStyle, but altered the back quite a bit. I love the result, and tonight this dress made me feel like twirling.


  1. looks like Gma got the better of you in scabble. I like the dress tho! But what about the other piece you hinted at?

  2. Oh Scrabble, just my luck getting 3 N's on one turn!
    I'll share the other piece as soon as I can, I swear!