Monday, October 18, 2010

October 18, take two!

The past two evenings have been spent crafting with my friends Preeti and Rachelle. We've been putting together headpieces for our Halloween costumes and it's been super fun! I love a good craft session with silly creations.
Preeti and Rachelle are going to be witch doctors and I'm going to be a flamingo! I recently saw a tutorial for a parrot headpiece on Martha Stewart's website which provided a lot of inspiration for our projects (the video tutorial is pretty great and you should check it out if you're into that sort of crafty thing).
Our headpiece process started with a base made from wrapping masking tape around plastic wrap on your head (which looks kind of hilarious at first). Once we had caps shaped to our heads we used newspaper, aluminum foil, and tons more masking tape to build the shapes we wanted for out headpieces. Rachelle looked at African masks for inspiration, Preeti looked at the Hindu goddess Kali, and I looked at flamingos of course.
Without further adieu, here's what they looked like to begin with!

Next we paper mached over everything to make it more sturdy and to get a good surface for painting and decorating.

Tonight with our dry paper mache headpieces, we worked on painting. I had forgotten how much I love painting... it's really relaxing.
Here's Rachelle's (with Cat in the background looking cute... don't be deceived though, he wanted to join in the crafting which wasn't as cute).

And here's Preeti's!

And my flamingo which needs quite a bit more work. I still have to cover it in "feathers." I think I'm going to follow the parrot headpiece tutorial and use fabric instead of feathers because I think that will give it a nicer look.
Right now my flamingo looks a bit mean, so Preeti suggested adding eyelashes. Not so sure I want to be a flirty flamingo though...

Preeti and Rachelle also made some miniature skulls to string into necklaces and I helped with painting them.

Anyway, Halloween crafting has been super fun and I'll let you know how the flamingo comes along soon!

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