Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1

My boyfriend recently pointed out a travel bag that he liked in a magazine, so I got to work creating a similar pattern to make one for him.
This travel bag is made from wool felt and some canvas that I had in my stash. It has a zippered pocket, an open pocket, and two expandable pockets that snap shut. The whole thing folds into itself and is closed with an overalls clasp that I happened to have sitting around.
The construction was rather simple since I didn't have to finish any of those felt edges... always a plus!

Happy June to everyone!


  1. Oh my god, it's brilliant. I LOVE it. So classy and understated.

  2. Beautiful! You should sell a pattern for it, I'd totally buy it! :)

  3. Beautiful job!
    It would be interesting to add belt loops to a little package like this!
    Love it :)