Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bear foot slippers!

I mentioned earlier that I was working on felted slippers following an online tutorial and now I have finally finished a pair! The tutorial was very clear and easy to follow and the end product looks wonderful. For this pair I added some finishing touches of my own.

I braided some of the leftover yarn to make laces so that the slippers stay on better (the laces are held on with a few stitches at the back so they won't get lost).

Also, it sounds silly to say, but these slippers are pretty slippery so I decided to add the leather to the bottom to help with that problem. I used leather scraps from my mom and made a paw print pattern by looking up a picture of a bear's paw. I only included four pads on the paw because hand stitching the leather took a long time and made my finger tips hurt a bit (I was watching "Valentino: The Last Emperor" while doing this so I channeled the people who do all the work on those amazing haute couture gowns. Leather isn't quite so glamorous as sequins, but it helped).
I gave these slippers to a friend as a birthday gift and made a card to go along with them. It's a fluffy kitty with a blue ribbon bow tie! Pretty cute, huh?

Overall a very fun project resulting in some awesome wooly warm slippers. Check out the tutorial!

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