Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I've been a busy worker bee today switching back and forth between two projects, although I'm not too happy with either one. The dress I started yesterday was waaayyyyy too big so I spent quite a bit of time with the seam ripper this morning... note to self: check measurements more closely (I wish I had a dress form). The dress isn't really my style, but it's fun to work on anyway. I also started working on a romper pattern that I got at the thrift store, but halfway through it was looking huge which was discouraging so I'm putting it aside for the moment. Sooo, back to the dress! As you can see, I have a little doggy sitting by, anxious to help. At least this time he isn't sitting on top of the fabric as I try to cut... that's what I get for working on the floor!

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