Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 25

My best friend Malia's birthday was last week and her gift took forever to get to her in Detroit, but it's finally there and I can finally share it with you without spoiling any surprises. I followed my favorite wallet tutorial from Verypurpleperson to make this gift. I used flowery oil cloth that has a Hawaiian feel, some plain lining, and a nice white snap.
I also made her a goofy card complete with her cat (who we call Kitty) drawn as a king! I love drawing goofy cards.

The other day while looking in my fabric stash, I came across an old silk shirt and had a brilliant idea. The shirt was handed down to me a couple years ago and I never wore it, but I kept it around anyway because it has some amazing detailing. And now for my great idea... I decided to use the shirt with the Macaron dress pattern that I just purchased. The detailing was originally down the front of the shirt, but I moved it to the back yoke for the dress.

I splurged on some navy blue silk for the rest of the dress even though silk isn't one of the recommended fabrics for this pattern. Well, maybe this was a bad idea. The construction of the dress isn't exactly going poorly, but I keep getting frustrated anyway. I just really want this dress to turn out well. I'm putting it aside for a day or two so that we can sort out our differences, and hopefully after our rest we can work well together.

Now I'll leave you with a super cute portrait of my doggy. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


  1. do you have any tip's on sewing with oilcloth i recently had a bit of a nightmare with a jacket i was fixing for a friend !!!! your wallet is ace but that blouse..... i LOVE it can't wait to see the end product!!!! x

  2. The first wallet I made with oil cloth was a bit of a disaster. My stitches kept veering off course and I had to take them out and try again a few times (the problem with this is that you can see those mistakes in oil cloth). But this wallet was a cinch! I think working with oil cloth just takes a few tries and some getting used to. So yeah, I guess my oil cloth tip is keep trying... practice makes perfect right?