Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19

To start off, above is a photo from sunset tonight. I just felt like sharing my favorite clouds. Anyway, I've been absolutely horrible when it comes to blogging about my sewing and other creations. I finished up a couple of gifts this past week, but then I didn't photograph them before the gift giving... oops.
One such gift was a basket woven and sewn from newspaper! The idea for the basket came about after my friend announced that she bought a bike. I was already making her a blouse as a birthday gift, but I thought something to go with the bicycle would be nice as well. I was afraid a newspaper basket would look silly, but the finished product was actually rather pretty. Below is a picture of some of my weaving half way through. I folded newspaper into strips, wove them together, and sewed the pieces into place with my machine. I'd like to play around with this idea some more and possibly put up a tutorial. Wacky crafts can be so much fun!

Today I met my step mom at the fabric store because I'm going to be sewing her a dress to wear to my aunt's wedding this summer. I haven't worked on many projects for people other than myself, let alone for a big occasion such as a wedding, so I'm feeling a bit nervous about it. We didn't buy anything for the dress today, but we have some ideas going. I'm sure the dress will turn out just fine, better than fine, so I'm trying to push all negative nervous thoughts out of my mind.
I did end up buying a pattern for myself, which I am super excited about. I finally got the Macaron dress pattern from Colette Patterns. I've had my eye on this pattern for a couple of months and decided today was the day to make my dream come true. The design of the packaging and even the texture of the paper are making me so much more excited (that's not so weird right?).

This pattern calls for a shell fabric and a contrast fabric. For the shell fabric I have a couple of possibilities that I pulled from my fabric stash. I think choosing the contrast fabric may be a bit of a challenge for me because I'm not too confident in my ability to match two different fabrics up for one project. Oh man, I seriously can't wait to get started on this one!

PS: Happy birthday Malia and Gwen!

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