Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 1

A drawing I did of my friend Malia and I. This was on our door when we shared a room in school. I love rediscovering drawings like this!

Happy May! This month is going to be a good one, I can just feel it!

Tonight I worked on a new sewing project. I had quite a bit of leftover navy blue silk from the dress I am working on and I decided to use it for a skirt. I wanted to make it simple since the silk is so pretty on its own. It will button down the front, possibly with matching fabric buttons. I'd like to put the lace along the hemline, but then again I'm also considering putting in a few horizontal pleats near the hem. Lace and pleats may be a bit much together so I'll have to sleep on this one.

You can see the skirts white lining in this photo. I haven't lined anything before, but this silk deserves lining and extra effort.

And, sorry, but I had to include another cloud photo. It was just too gorgeous looking out my window this evening. I feel so lucky to live with my grandma in such a beautiful house with such a beautiful view.


  1. I can't wait to see that skirt. I think the combination of the silk and the lace will be gorgeous.