Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 12

Yesterday we decided to be tourists in our own backyard and went to the Golden Gate Bridge!

We started out near Fort Point, but unfortunately it's closed most weekdays so we didn't get to actually go inside. It's still pretty neat to walk around in that area and be right under the bridge. Plus there's a scene in Hitchcock's Vertigo that was filmed there! So that's one spot off the list of Hitchcock tours.

Since Fort Point was closed, we decided to take a walk up to the bridge instead. I don't think I've walked across the bridge before, so it was really fun.

Skirt: handmade by NattyJane (by the way... don't wear a circle skirt to walk across the Golden Gate! I had to hold it the whole time to keep from having a Marilyn Monroe over the steam vent type moment.)
Striped top: dress from H&M worn as a shirt
Flats: Urban
Cardigan: small shop in Santa Cruz
Purse: thrifted

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