Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August 24

The weather in the Bay Area has suddenly jumped to about a million degrees after a summer of fog. I decided to work on some sewing today which I wouldn't recommend because ironing in hot weather is absolutely terrible. It's ok though since it helped with making some more summer clothing to stay cool in the heat.

I was inspired to make this tank top after seeing grainline's summer chambray top. Her top looks fashionable and comfortable so I decided to give it a go.
For my pattern, I traced a tank top from my wardrobe and changed it to have an a-line shape. Half way through I realized that it was a bit too small across the top, so I added the button placket. I wouldn't say that this is my best work as I kind of just jumped right in without much planning, but I like how it turned out anyway and have been wearing it a bunch.
The fabric and the buttons were both purchased at a center for creative reuse!


  1. Totally cute and I love your hem. Aren't button plackets good for so many things?!

  2. Hello! Digging the top. And agreed - it's way too hot to sew/ iron, but it's fun haha.

  3. i love chambray :) and i love your styling and shoes!