Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21

I used to make clothing all the time, but recently I've slowed down quite a bit. Well, yesterday was the day to get back to one of my favorite things... I finally, finally completed a handmade piece of clothing.
Last year, grainline's summer chambray top inspired me to come up with my own pattern and make something similar. Well, last week grainline introduced the tiny pocket tank pdf pattern based on her summer chambray top, so of course I had to purchase and download it right away to make my own!
My tiny pocket tank (sans pocket) is made from fabric that I bought secondhand at the Oakland Museum of California's White Elephant Sale.
Tonight, while I was wearing my new tank and making dinner, I decided to take some photobooth pictures. I'd like to take some real photos soon, but here are a few goofy photobooth ones to start!


  1. Super cute! Love that fabric!

  2. Your top is so awesome, I am seriously jealous of that fabric 4real!!

  3. Oh, I love your version! Seems like I missed this post! :) This pattern is awesome isn't it?! I love it, too!

  4. ooo i bought that pattern too natty jane! i love your fabric :) here is my post about mine - it is not done yet though!