Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 24

I started sewing a Colette Pattern's Negroni shirt a few months ago and only just recently finished. It was rather silly that it took me so long since it was nearly complete for quite some time, except for the buttons.
This Negroni was meant to be the practice round, but I think my boyfriend will be able to wear it anyway. The one problem that I need to work on for the second round is the sleeve length since they are super duper long.
I'm hoping to convince my boyfriend to do a photo shoot so that you can all see it in action!


  1. love that plaid! also, a few months to put buttons on is not silly. I made my sister a pajama set in middle school and didn't apply buttons or insert elastic until I was out of college. true story.

  2. Plaid is always great, also love that you put the pockets on the bias, its my favorite!