Sunday, July 29, 2012

Many Works in Progress

 I was on grandma helping duty this weekend and couldn't leave the house, so I got to work on a few projects to keep myself busy. I wasn't able to finish any of them, but here is a peek at what I was working on:
 I recently made a dress for BurdaStyle and Britex Fabrics, but before the final draft with the beautiful Britex stretch cotton, I made this practice bodice. I like it enough that I started working on making it a wearable practice piece. I kind of messed up on the skirt today because I made the mistake of watching The Olympics while sewing... oops!

 I made a tank top over a year ago that was meant to be practice, but of course I never made the final. I was left with a shirt that I like enough, but never wear because it is rather plain. Yesterday was the day to try tub dyeing it light blue!

My four maxi dresses left me with a lot of jersey scraps, so I've started working on a scrap rug. I braided a bunch of scraps and have been working on sewing the rope into a coil. Any ideas on how to keep it flat? My gran says to put a book on it overnight which just may be a great idea.


  1. I wanna thanks you for the bird-wing tutorial you posted earlier this year. My friend and I made wings for a dress up party and it was a huge succes, see for pictures!