Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mission Maxi Plus the Color

 I've been wearing my Mission Maxi dress nonstop since I put it together, and now I finally took pictures to share on my blog!

My Mission Maxi was made from white cotton jersey which I tie dyed after the sewing was complete. For the tie dye I used two shades of black, plus pearl gray. I'm pretty happy with how the dye turned out, but I wish there weren't so many white spots.

My cousin and I also did the ombre dyeing for her dress, but she just took off to medical school in New Orleans, so I'll have to get her to send me some photos of her dress when she gets a chance. Do you like our ombre dyeing setup? Liz likes to follow directions when doing projects like this, but I made her get straight to it without measuring things out precisely. Her dress turned out great and we both had blue hands when we went to work the next day. Oops!


  1. Looks amaze! The dye turned out awesome...and yay for conquering knits!

  2. Your mission maxi is super pretty and I love how the tie dye turned out! I like the looks of the set up you used for the Ombre dying, I have a dress I'd like to do it too as well.

    1. Thanks! For the ombre dyeing we read through the tutorial from Rit Dye, We were using Jacquard procion dye instead of Rit, so some of the times and measurements were different, but the main points of that tutorial were helpful.

  3. This is gorgeous! Love it!

  4. Love it! It looks fantastic on you.

  5. gorgeous! i would wear it all the time too:)

  6. I love your dress! My friend and I got inspirered so we are gonna dip dye too soon.