Friday, March 19, 2010

March 19

The weather in the bay area has been so nice the past few days! Yesterday I spent tons of time playing at the pool... well swimming laps with some friends, but I think that's fun. Anyway, the warmth makes sewing tank tops seem like a good idea so I finished up the one that I started the other night. I added buttons down the front and finished off the edges with some baby hems.
I'm really happy with how the back turned out, although it will need a few small adjustments to help the top part lie a bit more flat on my shoulders.
I'd like to change the front quite a bit since I don't like how it looks like a vest. I might get rid of the buttons and just have a v-neck with pleats, but really I'm not sure yet. I have to brainstorm some ideas!
This is the fabric I'm thinking of using for the final pleated tank. I bought it at a rummage sale and I'm not good at identifying fabrics, but this one has a nice weight to it that would work well with the tank top design. I also bought a button kit to make matching fabric buttons if the final design needs them. Bright yellow tank with matching bright yellow buttons!

Ok, time to stop blogging and work on packing. I'm going to Colorado tomorrow with my cousin to visit my sister and her husband. I'm super excited! My sister sews too so we may work on some aprons for the contest they're having over at Burda Style right now. Fun fun!

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