Friday, April 2, 2010

April 2

My trip to Colorado ended a week ago, but I've been lazy about blogging (among other things). My cousin Liz and I went to visit my big sister Clare and her husband Brad. I wished real hard for snow and I got tons of it! In fact it was enough to get Liz's flight out canceled, oops.
One of our days in Colorado was spent sewing! Liz hadn't done any sewing before, but she joined in and followed a pattern to make two aprons. Clare was a good teacher and they turned out really well (I wish I had pictures of them because they are very impressive). Clare and I both worked on aprons to enter in the contest they had on BurdaStyle. My apron has two big pockets, white piping, and heart shapes on the pockets and the waist.
Clare's apron is made of light blue cotton with swiss dots and she accented it with yellow tulle and a scalloped hem. Clare got super into the styling for the photograph and put together a cute retro outfit. Her entry for the contest did pretty well in voting, but neither of us won. Oh well, we had a fun day of sewing together anyway.
While Liz was finishing up her project, I worked on a wallet made from my leftovers. I found a wallet tutorial to follow on verypurpleperson's website. The full tutorial didn't download, but I did get the important parts about measurements and where to press the fabric, and was able to figure the rest out from looking at the photos of her completed wallets. I like it so much that I already put together another one that I will have to post pictures of soon. The tab on the wallet has a velcro closure with a flower button for decoration.
More to come soon! I've been sewing today and thinking up some new projects because there are some birthdays coming up this month. Happy April!

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  1. This is so pretty ! And it seems to be a practical wallet you could carry around and which would make you feel good whenever you're taking it out of your purse.